Privacy Policy


The NetSmartz Workshop is committed to providing a fun, safe, and secure age-appropriate web site for children of all ages. is a site where children learn how to be safer on the Internet through many interactive activities. We are dedicated to better safeguarding all children online and helping parents and children learn how to demonstrate "NetSmartz" while exploring the Internet.

Privacy Issues

To help ensure a rewarding online experience for parents and children, privacy procedures are noted below.

  • The only personally identifiable information we will collect from your child is an e-mail address. gives children the opportunity to sign up to receive a bulletin by e-mail. Before signing up for this bulletin, the child is asked to provide the e-mail address of his or her parent. The first bulletin is sent to the child, and the parent is sent an e-mail stating that his or her child has signed up for and has received the NetSmartz bulletin. If the parent does not respond that he or she does not want the child to be added to the e-mail list, then the child will continue to receive the bulletin. The purpose of sending an initial e-mail to the parent is to give the parent the opportunity to stop the child from receiving the bulletin. The child is also given the opportunity to e-mail the characters on the NetSmartz web site. NetSmartz will use that e-mail address on a one-time basis to respond directly to a request from the child. The child's e-mail address will be deleted after use for this purpose.

More Privacy Issues

To help ensure a rewarding online experience for parents and children, additional privacy procedures are noted below.

  • If your child submits stories, artwork, comments, or anything to us that is posted on our site, he or she will be identified only by a nongender-specific profile name. We do not accept full names for safety reasons and will assign a nickname to the submitted material if one is not provided.
  • does not condition your child's participation in online activities on the collection of any personally identifiable information from your child.
  • As a parent you have the right to request that your child's personally identifiable information not be collected. If parents wish that their children's e-mail addresses be removed from the bulletin list, they may send an e-mail to
  • does not disclose your child's personal information to third parties.