Reproduction Policy

All NetSmartz publications are copyrighted materials. Any individual, organization, or entity wishing to use NetSmartz’s copyrighted materials (“NetSmartz materials”) may do so provided that:

  • The NetSmartz materials are used unaltered and in their entirety for educational, noncommercial purposes. Under no circumstances are NetSmartz materials to be used for fundraising purposes or in connection with solicitations for grants or other public funds.
  • The NetSmartz materials are not used in any way that may create an impression of sponsorship or endorsement by NetSmartz of any individual, entity, product, service, program, or event.
  • The NetSmartz materials are not used in any way that may create an impression of any type of partnership or affiliated relationship between NetSmartz and you.
  • NetSmartz is clearly noted as the source of the information, and the intended use will not conflict with NetSmartz’s standards for child safety.
  • You will immediately discontinue use of the NetSmartz materials if requested to do so by NetSmartz.
  • You are responsible for checking to learn of any periodic updates to this Reproduction Policy.
  • The laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia shall govern this Reproduction Policy.

Without limiting any of the foregoing, all statements contained in the NetSmartz materials regarding the NetSmartz trademarks, the Cooperative Agreement under which the materials are prepared, and stating that the points of view or opinions in the work are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice, may not be removed from any reproduction of the NetSmartz materials.

When meeting the above criteria, you may add a line of text to the reproduction stating, “Provided courtesy of” and insert your name and/or logo.

If you have space constraints and wish to reproduce only an unaltered excerpt from any NetSmartz publication, you must submit a request to do so along with a proof of the proposed reproduction, including the surrounding text and image, to the NetSmartz Workshop. NetSmartz may request more information to ensure that the integrity and essence of its publication are not lost in any reproduced excerpt. NetSmartz retains sole discretion to deny any request. If NetSmartz chooses to allow the reproduction of any excerpt of a NetSmartz publication, then you must follow all of the other terms and conditions above.

Questions about linking to NetSmartz’s website should be directed to NetSmartz at the Charles B. Wang International Children’s Building, 699 Prince Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-3175; telephone number 703-837-6420; facsimile number 571-482-3401.