Linking Policy

NetSmartz Workshop encourages and permits links to content on our websites

Prior to doing so, NetSmartz requires the guidelines below be followed.

NetSmartz Workshop is an organization committed to the safety of children and teens both on- and offline. Should an organization want to link to our website please e-mail us at describing your organization and indicating how the link will be displayed.

Any websites linking to us should not suggest or imply that NetSmartz Workshop endorses or promotes any third party’s website content, products, or services. Third parties should not use copyrighted NetSmartz material or logos without the expressed written consent of NetSmartz Workshop. Third parties should not use NetSmartz content for commercial or fundraising purposes. NetSmartz reserves the right to withdraw permission for any link. By agreeing to these terms, third parties agree to remove the link within 24 hours of a request to do so by NetSmartz. Furthermore, NetSmartz reserves the right to take action to remove any links from any website at any time.

Any third party’s website NetSmartz deems to be containing material inappropriate for children or inconsistent with the NetSmartz mission will be asked to remove any links to NetSmartz.

When linking to NetSmartz sites, please

  • Link directly to the NetSmartz content you are referencing
  • Abide by our legal statement and reproduction policy

When linking to NetSmartz sites, please do not

  • Attribute a link on your site to NetSmartz and then link somewhere else
  • Frame the NetSmartz content or otherwise represent NetSmartz content as your own
  • Misrepresent NetSmartz in any way other than an organization dedicated to child safety
  • Use our logos, characters, or other copyright material without expressed written consent

If you have any questions about our policy, please contact us.