Using NetSmartz with Special Needs Children
Children with physical, developmental, and learning disabilities may be more susceptible to on- and offline risks, such as abduction, sexual exploitation, online predation, and cyberbullying. NetSmartz Workshop educates children ages 5-17 about these risks and teaches them effective strategies for protecting themselves. While NetSmartz resources were not created specifically for children with special needs, many of its materials employ the same teaching methods used with special needs children, such as role-playing, rhyme, and repetition.
Here are some ways to use NetSmartz with special needs children and their parents or guardians:

Safety Pledges using SymbolStix

Teach the Internet and real-world safety rules with these modified NetSmartz safety pledges, developed with the help of the National Autism Association.

Safety Stories

Use pictures to personalize the NetSmartz safety pledges for your child.

Closed Captioning

Look for the (CC) button on the video player to see if a NetSmartz video is closed captioned. Closed captioning is only available on streaming videos.

NetSmartz is always working to make sure our materials meet the needs of our diverse audiences. If you have any feedback about our current special needs resources or suggestions for future projects, please feel free to Contact Us.