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Brand new interactive presentations for students in grades K-2 and 3-5 allow presenters to engage more directly with students around important digital safety topics. Download them today! Designed with parents in mind, this tip sheet helps begin conversations with teens about sending or receiving explicit messages. Learn how to bring
up the subject in a non-threatening, low-stress way, and what steps to take if your teen’s image is already out there.
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Pique students’ interest in Internet safety with our latest game! Help Mike defeat viruses, phishers and Trojans before they ruin his band’s website! Play through 5 different worlds and 16 unique levels. Hurry before the malware takes down his site! This project-based learning resource for students in grades 6-12 has been updated! The “Digital Art Swap” lesson has been replaced with an interactive comic book activity, “Choices and Cheaters”, which asks students to create a situation in which they must make the choice to use technology to cheat or use their digital citizenship skills.